Made in the Ryukyus

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    KANASA Cotton Tote Bag

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Our Promise:


None of our products will ever be tested on animals, nor will they contain any animal-derivatives.

Clean & Pure

We do not use harmful, artificial additives in any of our products.


We are driven by our values, which place our planet, community and our workers at its core.

Our Products:

Free from artificial additives, all major allergens and packed with the very best Ryukyuan nature has to offer

High Quality, sustainably-sourced Ingredients:

All of our products are produced by small-scale, artisan farmers. Their yield is driven by the forces of nature rather than consumer demand, putting environmental stewardship first.

Ethically Sourced

KANASA is a cooperative, strives to not only deliver excellence in its finished products, but also in the wellbeing of our planet and those who work hard to produce our products.